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Exhibition 2017

Painting, photography, performance and sculpture

Hold the  sigh  in the reason of existence, the drowning  no  is  from whom it is torn  if not  of who stays in  hope  of the next after. An instant of creation without pretext  suspended  in the blurred air of time, where pain is part of the language that engages us as inhabitants and  fruir  the cyclical mood  e  irrevocable of all vital season.

It gave a soul to the matter and I blossomed inside it and the crack and the light healed becoming one and hopeful.

The weight of the twisted matter, the key to the meaningful tone, drop by drop the matter it considers becomes light for the soul, year  back  year, vital commitment. There is no speech in my words, only images in my speech. From so many concepts my soul has cracked, from so many cracked souls the darkness has ceased to be warm.

And the crack and the light is one  itineraries  in the  create, where the self and art do not want to be. Where being already hurts too much. Where is to find a way and do it is to undo it.

The trace of the crack in the soul, the warm moment of light.

And the crack and the light,

maria vernet 2017

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