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Hold the  sigh  in the reason of existence, the drowning  no  is  from whom it is torn but  of whom it is maintained  in hope  of the next after. An instant of creation without pretext  they suspend the blurred air of time, where pain is part of the language that engages us as inhabitants and  fruir  the cyclical mood  and irrevocable of all vital season.


2006 Bachelor of Fine Arts

University of Barcelona - Barcelona, Catalonia

2001 Graduate in Applied Arts and Arts and Crafts

Llotja de Barcelona - Barcelona, Catalonia

Mural Painting Specialty


2006 Seneca Scholarship for Fine Arts

Complutense University of Madrid - Madrid, Spain


2019  "Analogue" painting exhibition  Berger Forum  Balaguer, Pinnae Foundation  -

Vilafranca del Penedés

2017  Multidisciplinary exhibition "and the crack and the light"

Trinitaris Room - Vilafranca del Penedés

2016 “Flamenco Olímpico” photo exhibition

2016 Olympic Games - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2015 “Ell @ s” photo exhibition

Room Jaume I of the City Council of Tarragona - Tarragona, Catalonia

Photographic exhibition "He @ s" in the framework of Gay Pride

Nicolás White Gallery - Sitges, Catalonia

CHINA ART - Barcelona, Catalonia

“Flamenco Olímpico” and “Boxeo” photo exhibition

FICTS FESTIVAL - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photographic exhibition

International Art Meeting City of Guillena - Seville, Spain

2014 Photographic exhibition “Olympic Flamenco”

FICTS FESTIVAL - Sochi, Russia

FICTS FESTIVAL - Barcelona, Catalonia

FICTS FESTIVAL - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2013 Photographic exhibition "Full of light"

Ishtar Project - Olot, Catalonia

Photographic exhibition "Olympic Flamenco"

International Flamenco Film Festival - Jérez de la Frontera, Spain

International Flamenco Film Festival - Seville, Spain

2012 Photographic exhibition

ARTS Santa Monica -  Barcelona, Catalonia

2011 Photographic exhibition "In the arms of Durga"

Photographic Spring - Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, Catalonia

2009 Photographic exhibition “Portraits and treatments”

CP Lledoners - Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, Catalonia

2008 Photographic and sculptural exhibition

Tint Municipal Hall - Banyoles, Catalonia

Photographic exhibition

EXPO Zaragoza, Croatian Pavilion - Zaragoza, Spain

Photographic exhibition

It's still spring - Olot, Catalonia

2008 Sculptural Exhibition and Performance

BopArt - Barcelona, Catalonia

2007 Performance and Radio with "25MEN"

LEM Festival - Barcelona, Catalonia

2006 Photographic exhibition

CMU Penyafort - Barcelona, Catalonia

2005 Performance “1Men-1Women”

CREA Festival - Barcelona, Catalonia

Strip Art - Barcelona, Catalonia

Monographic exhibition of painting, photography and sculpture

Cultural Center - L'Hospitalet de Llobregat ,. Catalonia

2004 Photographic exhibition

Masies Can Feliu Civic Center - Sant Quirze del Vallès, Catalonia

2003 Photographic exhibition

La Cereria - Barcelona, Catalonia


2015 Photographic exhibition “Portrait of Bulimia”

Leather Museum - Vic, Catalonia

2014 Photographic exhibition

Arts Gallery - Paris, France

Crearium Gallery - Huesca

2013 Exhibition of painting, photography and poetry "Towards light" with artists Satoko Takebe and Esther Roca

Ishtar Project - Olot, Catalonia

Photographic exhibition "The Contemporary Artist wishes you ..."

CHINA ART - Barcelona, Catalonia

2005 Photographic exhibition

La Bòvila Civic Center - L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Catalonia

2003-2010 Various Performance with "25 MEN"

La Fera, Manubrio, LEM, Heliogàbal, La Central - Barcelona, Catalonia


2012 Portraits of Anna Tarrés

Mundo Deportivo - Barcelona, Catalonia

“Olympic Flamenco” Portraits

Huelva information - Huelva, Spain

Portal of the Ministry of Education DANZA.ES - Madrid, Spain

Eduardo Rukemberker's Synchronized Swimming News

“Olympic Flamenco” Portraits

Hasselbladt TV Berlin, Germany

2010 Photographs

Free literary style - Olot, Catalonia

2009 Portraits “Portraits and Treatments”

Clowns without Borders, Solidarity Calendar - Manresa, Catalonia

2008 Photographs

“El Sac” Magazine - Banyoles, Catalonia

2005- 2010 Experimental Radio Program "1HOMBREY1MUJER"

Fine Arts Circle -  Madrid, Spain

2004- 2010 Experimental Radio Program in collaboration  "25HOMBRES", "SUBURBIOAZUL" Y "RUIDOAZUL".

Smuggling - Barcelona, Catalonia


2015 2n. "Portrait of Happiness" Award

XGAG Photo Contest - Barcelona, Catalonia

2013 Olympic Flamenco Wreath of Honor

FICTS, Olympic Spirit Mode - Milan, Italy

2005 1r. Press Photography

XIV CMU Penyafort University Photography Competition - Barcelona, Catalonia

1r. Premid'Escultura

IX International Ice Sculpture Competition - Encamp, Andorra


2008 Professor of Photography at a Penitentiary Center

Department of Justice (Catalonia)

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